Graphic Design

Magazine / Graphic Design

Women 2 Women Michigan Magazine

This 36 page high quality bi-monthly magazine is by, for and about Women. Their motto is "Women Inspiring Women for Good!".

Shar Graphics creates advertising along with the layout and design of the publication. We have done some updates along with way including a new logo and overall look of the piece.


eJournal / Graphic Design

CRNA Today / Anesthesia eJournal

These two medical eJournal strive every day to build a vibrant, interactive, and inspiring framework that will bring CRNAs together and help them be successful in their careers. They engage in specific outreach to students-in-training to become CRNAs, and students may access courses for free while they are enrolled in college.

Anesthesia e-Journal’s mission is to promote excellence in nurse anesthesia through the dissemination of multidisciplinary evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical and academic research through systematic investigation, discussion of relevant and controversial professional issues, while adhering to the standards of journalistic integrity and excellence.